10 Best Value Vacation Destinations

With summer just around the corner, why not plan an adventurous getaway to far-flung destinations this year? The trip of a lifetime could be more affordable than you think, with our quick guide to the best budget destinations in the world. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach break or a cultured city stopover, we have the best advice on how to travel on a budget this summer.

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Steeped in history, Vietnam has soared in popularity with holidaymakers. It boasts some stunning natural wonders such as Ha Long Bay, the breathtaking Hang Lon Doong caves and a variety of gorgeous beaches. The bustling cities are packed with culture but hotels and dining are notoriously cheap. In the country’s largest city, Ho Chi Minh, you can pick up a room for around $5 per night. The legendary Vietnamese street food can also be purchased for pennies and is some of the most authentic and delicious in the world.



Combining coastline and culture with mountain ranges and lakes, Bulgaria has become a popular tourist destination thanks largely to the cheap flights on offer from the UK to Bulgaria’s Black Sea. Take a hike into the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, go on a free food tour in the city of Sofia or lounge around on the aptly named Sunny Beach. Whether you choose to go sunbathing or skiing you can rest assured that eating and drinking in Bulgaria won’t set you back much – typically a pint of local draught beer can be enjoyed for under $1.30.



Along with stunning beaches, crystal waters and a highly surfable coastline, there are a number of ancient temples, volcanoes and even an elephant safari park. Best of all, the value of the British pound against the Indonesian rupiah means that a trip to beautiful Bali can cost less than you’d imagine. A night in a hotel can set you back as little as $7. With a number of designer ‘fake’ items on offer in the city’s markets, you can also pick up a few bargains to bring home too.



This landlocked, European country is brimming with culture. Its medieval castles, gothic architecture and stunning greenery make Hungary a superb place to explore both day and night. Its capital, Budapest, is often referred to as ‘Paris on the Danube’ thanks to its charming character, and you can take a river cruise up the Danube to really take in the delights the city has to offer. With living costs low, Hungary is a place where you can have a great time on low funds.



Another jewel in the European crown, Latvia is a rapidly growing tourist destination packed with pretty, pastel buildings and even dog sledding excursions! Riga Central Market is a great place to pick up unique souvenirs and, best of all, a weekend city break here can cost as little as $70.00! What are you waiting for?!



As the lesser known neighbour of legendary Costa Rica, Honduras sometimes doesn’t get a look in – hence the reason prices are much cheaper there. Still, it boasts all of the charm of its counterpart with superb snorkelling sites, green valleys and vibrant cities.


Goa, India

For those wanting to spread their wings and take a long haul trip, India could be the country for you. A truly spectacular and diverse place to visit, it’s possible to explore all of the delights India has to offer on the tightest of travel budgets. Goa, in particular, is a spiritual haven and popular with backpackers eager to learn about meditation and yoga. The northern beaches, eccentric flea markets and spice plantations are all also worth a visit. With food and accommodation unbelievably cheap, Goa really is worth the trek.



South West Turkey might not be an obvious choice for budget travellers, but it is an area of stunning natural beauty that you can visit relatively cheaply. The Pamphylia region, in particular, boasts very reasonably priced rooms and you can pick up authentic chicken dinner for under a dollar. The Turkish Riviera and local beaches are the perfect places to relax and recharge your batteries.


Dominican Republic

The Caribbean isn’t somewhere you’d immediately consider as a low budget holiday but, the Dominican Republic can be a lot cheaper than you’d imagine – providing you know where to look. Local eateries and bars tend to be much cheaper than the tourist traps and there are a number of budget choice hostels too. You can even source cheap excursions and activities such as water skiing and snorkelling if you know the right places to look.

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Cambodia is another South East Asian nation that is renowned for its low cost of living and diversity for tourists. Made up of low lying plains, mountain regions, bustling cities and the Mekong Delta, visitors will be spoiled for choice on a trip here. Rent a bicycle for as little as $2 and visit some of the stunning ancient architecture and ruins. Much like Vietnam, the street food on offer is as cheap as it is delicious and a night in a hostel can cost mere pennies.


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