buy a used car

How To Buy The Right Used Car

  Buying a used car. We all have to do it at one point or another, and a lot of the time we won’t have the slightest clue what we are doing. Though not having an idea of what you want doesn’t really matter if you are getting a chocolate bar, it can have extremely

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lower energy bills

How To Lower Your Energy Bills

  Utility bills – don’t you just love them? Please, before you riot, I’m kidding. Nobody loves utility bills (other than utility companies). In fact, nobody loves bills in general. With most of them, it’s a bit easier to take action and reduce or even eliminate the bill entirely. On an expensive cell phone plan?

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debt relief

How To Get Out Of Debt

  Debt is an interesting problem to have. It’s horribly difficult most times to settle your debts. Moreover, that idea that you can just “put it on the credit card and pay later” can be largely misleading. Particularly for young people, it’s easy to accrue tens of thousands of dollars in debt without even noticing.

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how to sell your home

How To Sell Your Home

  Everyone talks about buying homes and how difficult it can be – there are so many checks to go through, so much due diligence to be done, and all the hoops to jump through to get a mortgage. Then we’ve got the bidding process, with all the stress and tension of not knowing, followed

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a guide to disability insurance

A Guide To Disability Insurance

  It’s no hidden fact that accidents happen -hundreds and thousands of them on a daily basis. The same goes for illnesses and diseases. As unfortunate as that sounds, it is the truth, and we must be prepared to face it. This is where disability insurance comes in. Both short-term and long-term disability insurance protect

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injured at work

Injured at Work? Here Are Your Legal Rights

  Compensation claims. Specifically, workplace compensation claims. Still here? Good, I was half expecting you to run off at the mention of a claim. We’ve all been bombarded to death by compensation ads already, which isn’t a surprise because some people will use any excuse to try and create a lawsuit.     What we

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choosing a real estate agent

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

  Are you looking to sell your home? Or maybe even looking to buy a new one? Either way, you’re probably going to be using a real estate agent. That is, unless you are an agent, or decide you’d like to have the crazy workload involved in making a real estate deal all by yourself.

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senior housing

Senior Housing Options Explained

  Senior housing can be a sensitive issue for many, but unfortunately, it can sometimes be the only option. Often, people don’t have the time to care for their elderly parents or grandparents and it can be especially difficult for sufferers of dementia or Alzheimer’s who need full-time care. Before making that decision, make sure

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Exchange Traded Funds

Understanding Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)

  The other day I was out for lunch at a nearby restaurant (great place by the way) when I heard one suit telling another “An ETF is an ‘Exchange Traded Fund’. Simple, right?     Advantages of Using Funds vs Individual Investing Okay, maybe it isn’t so simple, because if you’ve never dealt with

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different types of insurance

Do You Need A Business Owners Insurance Policy?

  Running a business entails a lot of paperwork and preparing for the unexpected is a major safeguard. One of the common ways business owners deal with unexpected situations is by getting insurance policies, hoping that if anything happens the policy will be there to deal with the problems both legally and financially. Insurance companies,

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