While unlimited data, video streaming, and hotspot connectivity are nice things to have on a cellphone plan, you may not need to pay for these extras when you are past your youthful years and do not wish to spend your days on Instagram or Youtube. Thankfully, most network carriers have cheap, senior cellphone plans that suit golden-agers best.


senior cell phone plan


In a world that is becoming more mobile-inclined, there is little or no room for anyone to avoid the bandwagon. Already, ease of use and wide network presence works in favor of the carriers that we have considered here. Now, let us take a look at our picks for seniors around the country.


Best Senior Cell Phone Plans for the Tech-Savvy

Becoming a senior citizen is not enough reason to give away your latest iPhone to the next smiling kid you meet if you are the mobile-savvy type. There are non-bloated plans such as Boost mobile unlimited and T-Mobile unlimited 55+ so you can choose to stay connected.

Priced at $50 per month, the Boost plan offers unlimited high-speed data, text, and call. Subscribers also get to enjoy up to 12 gigabytes of mobile hot spot data. To use the plan, you will need to purchase a new phone except if you have got a Sprint phone already. Remember that Boost limits video streaming on this plan to standard definition, so you will have to pay $10 every month to upgrade to HD.

As for T-Mobile unlimited, users pay $75 per month for two lines. The plan includes unlimited text messages, minutes and 5GB of data that can be used in Mexico and Canada, not to mention data roaming and free text in as many as 200 countries worldwide. The price is inclusive of regulatory fees and taxes, but you will pay for add-ons like device payments and insurance.


Best Pay-As-You-Go Cell Phone Plans

Some elderly people would love to avoid a mobile phone if not for the peace of mind they get knowing that they can contact their doctor or family member in case of an emergency. T-Mobile pay-as-you-go and AT&T GoPhone daily plans are the best bet for such people.

For the former, subscribers get any combo of 30 text messages or minutes for as little as $3 per month. The price of the phone $60 and above, although you may not need to purchase a new one if you already have a mobile phone that is compatible with the plan. However, you cannot escape the $20 fee for a Starter kit, whether you buy a new phone or not.

In the case of AT&T GoPhone plan, users pay just $2 every day of use to enjoy unlimited text messages and minutes. Note that they will not be charged if they don’t receive or place a call or send an SMS on that day. Any unused balance might expire if you fail to top up your account on a regular basis.


Best Flexible Cell Phone Plans

These plans from Ting and US Mobile allow for flexibility, unlike traditional pay-as-you-go services. Subscribers will have to pay $6 every month assuming they don’t use the phone at all. Text messages, mobile data level and minutes are assessed separately. And tiers begin at a rate of $3 for 100MB of data, $3 for 100 SMS and $3 for 100 minutes. You are free to use any of the two network providers Ting is in contract with – T-Mobile and Sprint.

Another good option is US Mobile plan. It comes at $4 per month excluding usage. Right off the bat, it is clear that this plan is one of the most flexible and cost-effective options available. 40 minutes are priced at $2.5, 40 text messages go for $1.5 while you pay just $2 for 100MB of mobile data. In this case, usage is broken down into various levels – you will only be charged a fee that matches your consumption.


Best Senior Cell Phone Plans for Emergency

Greatcall’s phone plans are designed with the safety and comfort of senior citizens in mind. The signature phone of Greatcall, Jitterbug comes with a speaker enhancement, big buttons and a bright screen with large font size. The plans cost $14.99 in a month and offer 200 minutes talk time but no text or data.

The carrier encourages you to add health services like daily or weekly wellness calls; an operator to help you add hospital appointments or make calls; as well as a 5-star emergency response connecting you to a 911-operator with a click of a button. You can go for any of the two senior cell phone plans available, Jitterbug Smart and the Jitterbug Flip. Greatcalls runs its service on Verizon’s network.


Best Plan for Senior Travelers

What better time to satisfy your wanderlust than when you are old? The AT&T’s $45 monthly plan will fit the bill. Much to the joy of anyone who loves to travel, subscribers get $10 off when they choose auto-payments. It offers unlimited calling and unlimited picture, video or text messages for the price. Also included in the plan is 6GB high-speed mobile data that you can use anywhere in North America and can be rolled over if not used within 30-day renewal time. Running on a far-reaching old LTE network, this AT&T is a good option for anyone who wants to see the world.


Best Prepaid Plan for Seniors

Priced at $40 per month, Metro by T-Mobile is a recommended prepaid solution for old people. Users enjoy unlimited text messages, talk time as well as 10GB high-speed data. The plan piggybacks on T-Mobile LTE network all around the country. Metro by T-Mobile also includes extras such as data minimizer, Wi-Fi calling, and Scam ID which helps deny inboard telemarketers’ access to your phone, free of charge.

You may need to buy a new device to activate the plan, although the carrier also allows customers to bring their own phone if compatible. Note that the price (40 dollars) includes regulatory fees and taxes, making one of the best senior cellphone plans you cannot ignore.



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