One of the most important factors to consider when you want to choose unlimited data plans is coverage. Subscribers prefer data plan packages with reliable services and dependable network. However, most data plans have their least price pegged at $50.

The only condition that can raise the price bar higher depends on extra services a subscriber chooses to include in the data plan. Some of the services include HD streaming and international calling.


unlimited data plans


Here are the options you should consider:


T-Mobile Unlimited Business

T-Mobile Unlimited Business plan offers affordable and comprehensive services. Under this plan, two lines cost $60 monthly per line and while twelve lines come down to $30 monthly per line. There are also other extra benefits attached to the plan. They are Unlimited text and voice call with free 3G Mobile Hotspot. It also features a benefit of 5GB data volume up to 4G LTE speed in both Canada and Mexico.

However, there are still other benefits attached to the data plan. The plan allows subscribers with an easy connection with over 210 destinations and also get unlimited texting on any flights in the US with the Gogo feature. It also has a feature called DIGITS which allows users to use multiple numbers in a single phone.


T-Mobile Unlimited One Plus

This mobile data plan offers double data speed. It features about 20GB volume of up to 4G LTE mobile hotspot data and voicemail to text feature. The plan also comes with an unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi, HD streaming and caller ID. In over 100 countries in the world, T-Mobile Unlimited One Plus plan features and unlimited texting and 3G/2G data.

The call rates are also friendly, calls are charged at 20 cents per minute. In Mexico and Canada, subscribers can enjoy the unlimited text, talk, and data in just a feature of T-Mobile Unlimited One Plus data plan. For a single line, the data plan costs $70 while it costs $120 for two lines.


Sprint Unlimited Basic (Business)

This is one of the best plans for business purposes. It is considered more benefiting to companies that often visit different countries on business trips. The plan features international roaming in over 200 destinations in the world and 5GB of 4G LTE talk and text in Mexico and Canada on unlimited data, text, and talks nationwide.

It features a 500MB LTE mobile hotspot and also allows users to stream in SD. The basic subscription value of the plan goes for $23 per line for up to 5 lines in two billing periods. However, the subscription rate increases to $55 for line one and increases to $40 for line two. But the subscription rate drops at $20 for more lines in subsequent months. Also, for security reasons, information can be saved on Sprint’s website under this plan.


Boost Unlimited

Boost unlimited is considered the best option for self-owned businesses when exploring unlimited data plans. The data service is operated under the network of Sprint. However, it is inexpensive. The subscription rate for single line users under Boost Unlimited plan is $50 monthly.

The plan features and unlimited mobile data talk and text. It also features an additional 12GB mobile hotspot. Other extra features include mobile-optimized video streaming, gaming, and 480p+ resolution music. Subscribers of Boost Unlimited can conveniently upgrade to Boost Unlimited Plus and Ultimate Boost Unlimited subscription. While the former goes for $60 per month, the latter is $80 monthly. The two upgrades, however, feature HD streaming.

Ultimate Boost Unlimited has a 50GB mobile hotspot benefit and unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico. Caller ID, phone insurance and other international services can also be purchased on the plan.


Google Fi

Google Fi offers pay-as-you-use unlimited data plans that work best for low data consuming businesses. This unlimited package costs $20 for unlimited text and calls. However, a GB volume of data costs $10. If a user, however, consumes above the 6GB volume of data, there will not be an extra charge.

The bill for the plan ideally does not exceed $80 monthly. In addition, the service does not include a cancellation or activation fee. The price is fixed and same for all Google, Android and Apple users.


Teltik Unlimited Plan

Teltik offers a 96% wide network coverage across the nation. It is inexpensive. Its unlimited data plan is as low as $40 per month. It also includes the company’s cloud service bundled account.

Teltik unlimited plan operates on a 4G LTE technology with no limit, contracts or increases. The plan also features a 3G mobile hotspot speed, unlimited talk, and text. For all packages in the Teltik plan with add-ons, international call rate is at $20 while name ID costs $5.

The international calling feature allows users to make calls to over 30 countries from mobile phones to land phones. It allows a mobile phone to landline calls to over 70 countries of the world. However, the mobile to landline calls allows users to see the names and mobile numbers of callers that are not even saved in the user’s contact list. In addition, Teltik runs a $20 monthly plan of 2G high speed for users who use less data.


Verizon Above Unlimited

This plan costs $60 per line for a least of 4 lines. The bundle comes with 75GB high speed 4G LTE data service. Other features include HD streaming and 20GB mobile hotspot data.

However, data usage is observed to lower drastically after a reach of 512MB daily usage. The unlimited package also comes with five TravelPasses monthly which can be used in 130 countries of the world. However, a $10 fee is attracted when a user exhausts the passes.


AT & T Business Unlimited Plan 

This plan suits business owners who use the internet as a platform to process their daily business. The plan features a 15GB mobile hotspot each month with HD video streaming. However, the least price is $70 for a line monthly, and the plan allows up to ten lines.

In addition to the features, the unlimited plan comes with a Private Wi-Fi option that provides users with VPN and Wi-Fi alert when a user connects to an unencrypted Wi-Fi network.

In summary, with the options provided above, you will be able to make a choice that fits your budget and user-preference. Now, you can head to the mall and sign up for a plan.


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