The new year comes with a highly impressive new range of TVs. Whether it’s a completely new level of technology, or it’s a few new features and improvements on already existing innovative models, you will not be short on options if you are in the market for a new hi-tech TV.

Keep on reading to find out about the best TVs to buy in 2019. See the latest offerings from Sony, Samsung, LG, TCL and Vizio.


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Cost: $2,500 – $3,500

There’s a reason this TV is the first on the list; it simply has the best picture quality on the market.

The same praise can be said about LG’s whole OLED TVs collection, as each one of them boasts the same panel. The set comes in different sizes and varying corresponding prices, which makes it perfect for different budgets. The series’ biggest model, the 77-inch comes at $9,000, which, admittedly, is somewhat pricey for most people. However, the 65-inch and the 55-inch models are sold at $3,500 and $2,500 respectively, which is more achievable for an average household.

best tvs of 2019


Cost: $1,200

Vizio is known for its budget-friendly, great quality TVs, with remarkable contrast and color performance. However, the company’s latest release, the P-series, just took this to a whole new level. The P-series’ new look consists of a three-sided bezel-less frame and stylish leg stands. Tech-wise, the P-series boasts some of Vizio’s best processing features, including the latest Xtreme Black Engine Pro local dimming, along with HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR performance throughout the LED display, which result in impressive color contrast during both dark and bright scenes on screen.

best tvs of 2019


Cost: $3,800 – $6,000

If this TV’s excellent picture quality and blazing brightness are not enough incentive to make you buy it, its beautiful exterior design might!

When Samsung released the Q9F TV in 2017, it was a major competitor to top of the range OLED TVs, and the company’s best LCD screen to date. That is until its successor in 2018 – the Q9FN. The newer version has an incredibly vivid HDR picture with impressive deep black levels, and an improved off-angle picture, why is usually a tough thing to master in LCD TVs. Aesthetically, the new Q9FN is the addition to your interior decor you never knew you needed. Samsung has added an Ambient mode to the TV, and grouped all the power cords together into the One Invisible Connection cable between the One Connect box and the TV, making it every organized user’s dream TV.

best tvs of 2019


Cost: $650 – $1,000

Another great find if you’re on the hunt for an HD TV whilst on a budget! Don’t let the affordable price fool you; the TCL 6-series features all the HDR technology you could want in a TV quality panel. Operating with 120 local dimming zones in the 65-inch model, and 96 in the 55-inch one, the screen shows impressive contrast for this type of TV, while HDR Pro Gamma intuitively matches the backlight to the brightness level of the TV’s surroundings. You’ll find the TCL 6-series is an all-round high-performance bargain you might want to buy it even if you are not on a tight budget!


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Cost: $4,500 – $5,500

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-range OLED TV, and money is no issue, then this is the one for you. Even though Sony’s OLED panels are provided from the same company that supplies LG with their panels, Sony still looks better. And that all comes down to processing. Sony uses its unbeatable X1 Ultimate processor in the A9F, making it one of – if not the best, most impressive OLED TV on the market. Moreover, for such an incredibly thin TV, the A9F produces a surprisingly impressive sound.

If you want to get your hands on this TV, you can pre-order one now and impatiently wait for it to come out in the fall.

best tvs of 2019



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